New Profile Posts

  1. BlankSpaceHere
    crazy that this server has been shut down. thanks for all the fun memories lol.
  2. Squad3
    Who's ready for an overhaul?
  3. Xloh
    Gotta give him a friend. Like I always say, ‘Everyone needs a friend
  4. at_jinx
    at_jinx Zalbus
    hey Zalbus, how can i get in contact with you?
    1. Zalbus
      Forums conversations or Discord.
      Jan 19, 2019
    2. Zalbus
      If you click my name on this message it will bring up my profile and it will say "Start a conversation" press that and then there you go.
      Jan 19, 2019
  5. Zalbus
    Hello 2019 xD
  6. taez
    My new username is mistletae right now.
  7. Rqte // TheHideousRat
  8. BlankSpaceHere
  9. spi7
    Hello world
  10. ItzLava
    Make sure that you take your daily vitamins!
  11. ItzLava
    How is everyone doing! :)
  12. ItsOle
    Whoop Whoop that is the sound of the roblox police
  13. Satsero
    @taez You said u have never seen me online but you were in my fc and i built you a base
  14. SavagePoiint
    Used to be a helper here. Hoping to become staff again.
  15. Zopiclone
    You probably won't even read this, but if you do, CTRL + W.
  16. Issey
    Life isn't always easy peasy lemon squeezy, in fact, right now it's pretty messy stressy and depressy!
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  17. NeedVoid
    NeedVoid#7640 thx
  18. FreakyPath84732
    Loving drums can't wait for WGI to start!
  19. s_q_u_e_e_e_z_e
  20. ShroudKing_PvP
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