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    Hello! I'm here to bring you a list of the most recent changes to the servers. Please report any bugs or suggestions to any staff members.

    There has been a huge change done with the server, please read all of them below.
    • Any and all placement and or breaking of blocks beyond the border is prevented.
    • Any use of blockflow(water/lava) and use of blockflow buckets beyond the border is canceled.
    • *TNT and Entities within the border automatically despawn.
    • Stops Falling Entities within the border.
    • You cannot enderpearl outside of the world border.
    • When a TNT cannons shoots it will delete certain items(Cactus, Fences, Stained Glass Pane, Thin Glass, Sugarcane) in its path.
    • Cobwebs cannot be stacked. (Place on top of each other)
    • *Fixes Dupes
    • *Fixes Enderpearl Glitching
    • More Patches (Irondoor, Hoe, Item Drop Speed)
    • Distance Patches (Closes inventory if open during teleport or movement)
    • No entities can spawn naturally within and out of the border.
    • Basic server/lag exploit fixes.
    • Weather Disabled (No Rain)
    • Automatic Player Respawning
    • Increase Pot Velocity (Less Delay; Better for potpvp)
    • If a player somehow falls through the map they will be teleported to spawn.
    • Wither cannot be built.

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