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    Greetings EarthLords

    Even mountains can fall but the descendants of the titans will remain. It is your task as heroes to keep there legacy. A Fresh gust of air through the opening of something big! could it mean? Yes. A Map reset! Assemble your faction, appoint your alliances, and prepare to take control of this new season! But wait.. things have changed. Read this post for more information!
    here's an overview of what will be announced in this post:

    The server will be close for 4.0 on:

    Saturday November 17th 2018
    9:00 AM Eastern / 3:00 PM UTC / 6:00 AM PST

    We plan to release the server on Saturday, 3pm EST (delay announcements will be announced in the Discord)

    What you will lose:

    • In-game money
    • mcMMO levels
    • Inventory items
    • Enderchest items
    • Vault items
    • Homes
    • Bases/land
    • Faction data
    • Classes
    What you will keep:

    • Donator Ranks
    • Special Kits
    • Titles
    • Purchased add-ons

    Removal of HeadHunter

    We have recently posted a poll on the forums and tagged it in Discord, ( This means that we will go back to the old season way of factions, no headhunter level system, because of this we will be revamping classes as well


    Ban Reset
    Just before the new season kicks off, all punishments have been reset! This clears all active bans and mutes, and also clears the player's history.

    An incredible 648 bans were active, We have also decided to remove around 40 blacklists, if you were blacklisted please check if you are blacklisted.

    Take this as an opportunity to start fresh, keep a clean record, and enjoy the new update along with a few other huge updates planned for the weeks following the new season release.

    Full Changelog

    Here is a full changelog of what's happening for this season of factions!

    Huge changes to the shop prices and economy
    Envoys will be brought back fully (they will be revamped with new loot and new spawn locations)
    Complete revamp of most kits
    Class revamp
    Basic revamps (such as revamping auto messages, /f show & more)
    Sellwands revamp
    Updating all outposts to give more perks / rewards.
    and much much more!
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    Nice update, you should probaly consider getting some sort of anticheat because I have seen many cheaters online when there are no staff online and the wreck havoc
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    We've got an anti-cheat, but if you see any rule-breakers that do not get detected please record them and send it to a staff member. (Or just report them so the staff team can keep an eye on them!)
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