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    Greetings EarthLords

    Even mountains can fall but the descendants of the titans will remain. It is your task as heroes to keep there legacy. A Fresh gust of air through the opening of something big! could it mean? Yes. A Map reset! Assemble your faction, appoint your alliances, and prepare to take control of this new season! But wait.. things have changed. Read this post for more information!
    here's an overview of what will be announced in this post:

    The server will be closed for the reset on

    Friday August 24th 2018
    9:00 AM Eastern / 3:00 PM UTC / 6:00 AM PST

    We plan to release the server on Saturday, 3pm EST (delay announcements will be announced in the Discord)

    What you will lose:
    • In-game money
    • mcMMO levels
    • Inventory items
    • Enderchest items
    • Vault items
    • Homes
    • Bases/land
    • Faction data
    • Classes
    What you will keep:
    • Donator Ranks
    • Special Kits
    • Titles
    • Purchased add-ons

    Envoy Revamp

    Some of you guys have stated many times that the Envoys do not give good enough loot, yes you can currently get chunkbusters & such we are going to revamp them to have them at more than one location (example one in the end and one in the overworld warzone) & change all the rewards in the envoys making them more fun and more "worth" going.

    Rule Changes

    We have changed some rules & added some rules for this season of factions to make the gameplay more fun & more entertaining for you guys. Any rules broken will result in a punishment.

    #1 One Corner Per Faction Rule.
    This means only one faction can have one corner, you cannot use an alt faction to claim another corner. This will allow more players to have a easier time starting out this season if they can get a corner without having them all claimed by only 2 factions.

    Punishment: Unclaim > Disband > Ban


    Full Changelog

    Here is a full changelog of what's happening for this season of factions!

    Adding HarvesterHoes
    Adding new warps / builds
    Revamping Envoys
    Updating all outposts to give more perks / rewards.
    Kits for classes have been added / improved
    Prestige ranks have been improved - better kits & better perks.
    Classes prices have changed.
    Cluescrolls have been completely fixed.
    Changing shop prices
    Changing crate rewards
    Printer changes/fixes
    Auto spawn for bosses has been fixed.
    Baisc revamps (such as revamping auto messages, /f show & more)
    Revamp to /warp bar - adding more drinks and fixing the previous drinks.
    Crate keys have been changed up a bit.
    Chunkbusters have been changed up a bit.
    Genbuckets placing in other claims has been fixed
    Shockwaves working in own faction land without permission fixed.


    Purge Night

    All of the OG's on the network will remember purge night. We never did it in the past due to tight timing however Purge will begin at 2:00 PM EST tomorrow! (Tuesday) It will go all the way until the reset time. This means PvP will be enabled everywhere & gear will be at spawn for anyone to grab for free & fight away.

    Please note that /f top winnings will only be active for that one season
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    Faction Top winners will be chosen around midnight on Thursday.

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