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    Hey everyone! I'd like to personally appologize and at the same time thank everyone for their patience. It has been a tremendous journey from when we first started to where we are now.

    When me and @Sidd hopped on to the server for the first time after we bought out the server, we thought we were stepping into a well cared for, maintained server. And boy did we have big shoes to fill...

    As we started work on the server itself, we ran into some issues on both the website and server host. I wasn't used to a minecraft panel anymore after my last administration. The issues and bugs began piling up and as our "to-do" list became bigger, the time it took to solve them and implement some changes raised from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

    With real life stepping in for both me and @Sidd, most of the management team also kicked in to help.

    At this point, I would like to thank the entire management and administration team for lending a hand when we needed it the most. @Issey @VapeNqtion @Brophy @Xloh .

    Let's not make this any longer than it already is. EarthLords Network is finally prepared to be released to the general public. After months of bug fixes, new features, stress, tears and hard work, we are finally proud to announce EarthLords v1.0 BETA is opening on Saturday, 22nd of June, 2019 at 5PM GMT+2.

    The COMPLETE Changelog of what has been fixed, added and generally modified can be found below;

    Website Changes:
    • Changed Website host to a better, more reliable hosting provider,
    • Installed brand new SSL Certificates for all of the domains and subdomains,
    • Bought a new domain,
    • Implemented a new banning system, as well as a public LiteBans database,
    • Changed the name from EarthLordPVP to EarthLords Network,
    • Changed the logo,
    • Added a brand new Staff Panel, accessible to registered staff only,
    • Implemented mandatory Two-Factor Authentication for all staff accounts above the rank of Trial Moderator,
    • Changed the color scheme of the forums,
    • Added/Edited a few general rules,
    • Added a new Staff Only section on the forums,
    • Edited forms to our current standards,
    • Registered an entirely new set of voting accounts to signify change from the previous server,
    • Changed all passwords to new, safer ones,
    • Completely revamped and created a new store,
    • Modified how the Staff ranks look on the Forums.
    Server Changes:

    • Moved the server from a Minecraft host to a faster, stable and overall better controling Virtual Private Server running Linux (CentOS 7, 64bit),
    • Map has been completely wiped and reset,
    • New spawn for both Hub and Factions,
    • Multiple plugins removed due to repeating elements (Doing the same as one or two other plugins),
    • Logs dating back to January and February have been deleted, more deletions will be coming up in the following weeks,
    • Added a brand new, sophisticated method of gaining ranks. Instead of buying them with in-game currency, you now get ranks based on how long you play. Each rank has it's own benefits.
    • Titles were completely removed out of the game, they just added to the already big cluster of words around your player name,
    • Over 40+ PermissionsEx groups were removed as they were useless,
    • Added Trails as a winnable/buyable option on the server,
    • Donator ranks now override playtime ranks. This means that Donator Prefixes take priority,
    • Factions is now set up to auto-restart every 3 hours which includes a warning a minute before this takes place. You are moved back to the hub automatically when the server begins shutting down,
    • CommandSync plugin set up. This means that all of the current servers can communicate with each other. If you buy or otherwise gain a rank on Factions, you will also have that rank on Hub and possibly other future servers,
    • ViaVersion updated to the latest Version, People with 1.14.x can now join and play on our server,
    • NetworkManager introduced, this will allow us to have more control over the server and introduce Maintenance Mode if it is needed (Also includes Staff Panel on our websites),
    • Crates have been re-done with brand new rewards and ways of obtaining keys,
    • Votes now give $2000 and 1 Vote Key each time you vote (4 Voting Websites)
    • In-game /shop prices have been dropped to a *better* level,
    • A brand new /warp wild has also been introduced,
    • New holograms have been set up on places that they're needed,
    • Added a ServerSelector Plugin to Hub. You can now use the nether star in your inventory to go straight to Factions instead of typing /server factions,
    • Kits fixed and edited,
    Those are only the major changes we've done, I could write out way more stuff that has been handled, but honestly, so much has been done that it would be way too much to post here on this very thread.

    Hopefully you'll enjoy playing on our server as much as we have enjoyed putting everything together. Please note, however, that this server has begun it's BETA stage, there may still be bugs that we have not found during testing. If that's the case, please report them in the Bug Report section of the forums!
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