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    Hello, Welcome to our Rules post! When accessing any of our services, you are expected to abide by the following rules and conditions. Failure to comply may lead to a partial or complete restriction to the aforementioned services. With your cooperation, we can ensure that the network is a safe and healthy environment for all players.

    All rules are subject to change. These punishments are standard, and based on the situation may change on managements request.

    Tier One

    Disciplinary Action
    First Offence: Warning
    Repeated Offences: 1h Mute > 8h Mute > 24h Mute
    Repeated Offences (3 and above): 24h Ban

    Toxic Language // Insulting
    Being competitive is one thing. However, being excessively toxic, or insulting a player toxically is not allowed and makes the server environment not fun to play on.


    To continuously hound a player or staff member, especially on similar subjects, after being asked to stop. Unrequited sexual advances, implications, or references to non-consensual sexual acts fall under this category. This is not right if the user has asked you to stop. If staff is involved, the

    Server criticism
    If you have a suggestion you may privately message a staff or make a forums thread about it. Any public criticism or bad talking about the server is not tolerated.

    Using Font changes
    Anything that changes your chat color or text ( font ) in chat. This is a MUTEABLE OFFENSE UNTIL CHANGED.

    Offensive Language // Slurs // Discrimination
    This rule has no warning. If you say a statement that can offend someone's race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, belief or make a discriminatory statement, you will be punished. This includes any racial remark, slur or joke about a religious or racial event in history.

    Spamming // Excessive Caps
    Messages or characters that are the same or similar in nature being posted in rapid succession into chat. Examples include but are not limited to:
    > Mass-Protest: Players posting protest messages in chat frequently
    > Group Spam: A group of players that each post similar messages - all parties involved will be punished.
    3 Words in a row all caps can be a warning for this, Swear words is a Warning as well.

    Advertising Foreign Trades
    Advertising trades that involve currency outside of EarthLords Network's economic system is not recommended and punishable. (Earthlords Network and our staff members are not responsible for the trade, or the items in the trade) This includes trading money and/or items in other games.

    Sensitive Subjects
    Any conversation pertaining to controversial religious and political topics // making light of national or worldwide disasters Or sexual topics that can make a player feel a bit sensitive.

    Questioning Staff Decisions
    When a staff punishes you, they are punishing based on the rules and times they are given. Questioning the decision is not allowed, and if you believe that the punishment is invalid or the offense is incorrect, please make an appeal or ask for support on our Discord. You may also report the staff member.

    Personal Information Leaks
    Releasing personal information about someone without their consent. Before taking action, staff should check to see if the "victim" has an issue with the information leak.
    VERBAL WARNING // MUTE: First Name, State, Country, Age, Cities (General area) followed by a mute if actions continue. If the victim has a Very big issue like threatened there life or Security, It will be a Perm IP Ban, ( Blacklisted )

    Suicide Encouragement
    Any statement that can be interpreted to suggest harmful action against another player in real life, joking or otherwise. This includes lethal drinking suggestions or other dangerous activities. Graphic mentions of self-harm or suicide are also disallowed under this rule NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN

    Tier Two

    First Offence: 24h Mute
    Repeated Offences: 48h Mute
    Repeated Offences (3 and above): 24h Ban

    IRL Threats
    Any statement, joke, or conversation that can be interpreted to threaten or make the player uncomfortable will NOT Be allowed on EarthLords Network. May include bringing someones personal information into a conversation.

    Inappropriate Content
    Any content linked to (sexual, pornographic, grotesque, horror links, or otherwise), or deemed inappropriate for a public chat.

    Inappropriate Faction Names / Titles
    Any form of an Offensive or Rude /f title or Faction name is not allowed ( Player will be warned when discovered, and if not changed, the faction will be disbanded or title will be changed based on the situation)

    Tier Three

    First Offence: 7d Ban
    Repeated Offences: 1 Month Ban
    Repeated Offences (3 and above): Permanent Ban

    Advertising full IP’s with or without additional information with the sole intention of diverting players to another server. Any IP that looks like an actual IP, regardless if it is a joke or not, may be met with the same punishment.

    NOTE: If the user is just hearing to Advertise It's a Perm Appealable ban

    Illegal TP Trapping
    Any trap that results in the player dying or getting out is allowed. Traps that cause the player to lag out, continuously crash or impossible to get out is illegal trapping.

    Needless to say, one should never attempt to be an existing staff member / higher rank than they are, in order to mislead other players or get the victim into trouble. How to know Who is staff and Who isn't? In-game they will have chat color and have a staff prefix. EXAMPLES: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, etc.

    Abusing Glitches or Bugs
    Any manipulation of the rules or server in any way is strictly forbidden. To prevent this always report bugs to staff members as soon as they are found - anyone found using them, talking about them, or even testing if the bug is real, will be punished accordingly. This also includes but it's not limited to block glitching, ender pearl glitching, glitching into bases, duping, etc. ( Claim Errors Count as well )
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    Tier Four

    First Offence: 30d Ban
    2nd Offense: 60d Ban
    Repeated Offences: Blacklist

    Malicious Links
    Any link that redirects to a malicious site designed to grab your personal information. (Phishing links, RAT’s, etc.)

    DDOS Threats // Hack Threats
    Any DDOS or threatening message to a player / server. Joke or not.

    DDoS // DoS Attacks
    Doing a DDos // DoS attack on EarthLords Network Will be a Perm-Ban You are NOT Allowed to do this at all even if it is a joke. DDosing is Ilegal In real life. As well as on EarthLords Network. If any DDoS threats are received, we will forward this information to the respective law enforcement agency.

    Scamming (Real life money only)

    Any scam that involves a player tricking another user into paying them real life money with no compensation is punishable. If no real money was transferred or purchases were ever made, only in-game items were lost, no punishment can be issued. Keep in mind that agreements must be documented in order to hold players responsible. If no proof is available to display that both players have previously agreed to the terms of the agreement, then no punishment can be made.

    Inappropriate Names
    Any name that actively breaks any of our rules and is considered discriminatory, offensive, or has the connotation of death or harm towards players. Example: "Ni**er"

    Unfair Modifications // Hacked Clients
    Logging in / use of a hacked client or modification which grants you an unfair advantage over other players. See section "Client Policy" below for examples and elaboration. Hack Clients are not fun to other players and ruin there experience.

    Personal Information Leaks // DOX Leaks
    Releasing personal information about someone without their consent. Before taking action, staff should check to see if the "victim" has an issue with the information leak. This also includes threatening to DOX or release personal information. Due to the large area that this rule can cover, breaking this rule in varying levels of severity will lead to the following punishments:

    Griefing Public Territory // Near Public Territory
    Inclusive of building barriers, walls, trenches, etc around public warps to impede players Such as /warp wild or /warp nether

    Ban / mute advaiding Bypassing a punishment by logging on to another account.
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    These are the official rules of our forum site. When you are using our forum, you must abide by these rules at all times. Please note that this rule book can be added to, or edited at any given time. If you reach 5 warning points, your forums account will be temporarily banned. If you see a player breaking any rule listed below, you can report them.

    Offence: Micro-Posting
    1 Warning Point
    Description: Creating threads or posting on multiple threads with only a few words. This is counted as spam and or to boost your post count.

    Offence: Reposting
    Punishment: 1 Warning Point
    Description: Creating more than one thread with the same content. This applies if staff delete or lock threads for either the reason of a spam thread, a thread that causes drama (contains flame wars), or threads for post farming.

    Offence: Post farming
    : 1 Warning Point
    Description: Post farming isn't allowed. Basically trying to look more popular.

    Offence: Player / Staff Disrespect
    Punishment: 3 Warning points
    Description: Disrespecting Players in general is not acceptable.This certainly includes staff members - harassing them about their inability to fix/do something with the server or forums, or intentionally giving them trouble is not allowed. If you believe a staff is doing poor at their job, contact someone in the administration team with sufficient evidence.

    Offence: Racist / Homophobic Terms
    Punishment: 3 Warning points
    Description: Using homophobic/racist discriminatory words in a way that is intended to harass or hurt players is also not tolerated.

    Offence: Advertising
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Posting links or addresses for other servers, discord, forums etc is not tolerated.

    Offence: Like Boosting
    Punishment: 1 Warning Point + All Likes Reset
    Description: You are not allowed to boost your own or somebody else’s likes. This means liking every single post of yourself or somebody else’s to boost yours or their like count.

    Offence: Alternate Accounts
    Punishment: 3 warning points (On all accounts)
    Description: Creating multiple accounts is not acceptable. This is due to the fact they can be used to boost yours or somebody else’s likes counter, or evade a ban. If you lost access to your account, either reset your password or contact an administration member.

    Offence: Commenting on Ban Appeals/Player Reports
    Punishment: 3 Warning Points
    Description: Commenting on ban appeals or player reports is not acceptable unless you are providing useful and relevant information. If you are providing relevant information, keep it to that, any additional comments and your post will be deleted and evidence disregarded.

    Offence: Inappropriate Names / Staff Impersonation
    Punishment: 3 warning points + name removed
    Description: Using a name very similar to a staff member and/or having an inappropriate name is not allowed. If you are willing to change your name, but aren't able to do so, please inform a staff member and it will be changed. If you aren't willing to change your name, it will be forcefully changed and your forums account will be temporarily banned.

    Offence: Inappropriate Avatars / Content
    Punishment: Picture Changed
    Description:Having an inappropriate profile picture is not allowed in any way. We also do not allow references or links to pornographic or otherwise mature material/content.

    Offence: Spamming on Profiles / Conversations
    Punishment: 1 Warning Point
    Description: Creating multiple posts with the same or random content on anyone's profile is not allowed. Same counts for spamming a member in conversations.

    Our system of forum moderation utilizes "Warning Points".
    Each time a rule is broken, the offending post is deleted and a certain amount of warning points are issued to the offending user.

    The following thresholds are in place for the warning system:
    5 Points: 3d Ban
    6 Points: 7d Ban
    7 Points: 14d Ban
    8 Points: 30d Ban
    9 Points: 60d Ban
    10 Points: Permanent Ban
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    These are the official rules of our Discord server. When you are using our Discord, you must abide by these rules at all times. Please note that this rule book can be added to, or edited at any given time. If you see a player breaking any rule listed below, you can report them by clicking reports on the forums.

    Offence: Spamming
    Punishment: Warning - Kick from Server
    Description: Creating multiple messages in a short period of time.

    Offence: Staff/Player Disrespect
    Punishment: Warning
    Description: Disrespecting a player or a staff member by questioning their ability as a staff member or being rude to a player.

    Offence: Inappropriate Avatars
    Punishment: Permanent Ban (Until changed)
    Description: Having a mature or disrespectful image as your avatar. You will be unbanned once you change your avatar.

    Offence: Inappropriate Usernames
    Punishment: Permanent Ban (Until changed)
    Description: Having a mature or disrespectful username. You will be unbanned once you change your avatar.

    Offence: Loud Sounds
    Punishment: Temporary Mute
    Description: Playing ear deafening sounds through your microphone in voice channels.

    Offence: Bot Commands
    Punishment: Warning - Kick from Server
    Description: Using or abusing bot commands in channels other than the bot text channel.

    Offence: Staff Impersonation
    Punishment: 30d Ban.
    Description: Impersonating a staff member in any way, shape, or form.

    Offence: /tts spam
    Punishment: Kick from server
    Description: Impersonating a staff member in any way, shape, or form.

    Offence: DDoS Threats // Death threats // Dox Threats
    Punishment: 30d Ban.
    Description: telling someone to kill them selfs or you will do it or DDoS threats.

    Please use common sense when using the Discord server.
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    Legal & Illegal Mods

    "Basically mods that allow your perspective of the game to change but it doesn't change another player's"
    So in other words, when thinking about whether or not you should modify your experience on Minecraft, in this case on EarthLords Network. Always try to think about how it would work. Will it affect another person's game play or just yours? Remember, this is only a few of the most common mods used on EarthLords Network and there are plenty more unlisted here. If you have any questions about a mod or are unsure of whether it's legal or not.


    Some legal modifications to Minecraft include:
    - HUDs
    - Minimaps [With no player trackers]
    - Keybinds || [Command] Macros
    - Optifine || FPS Boosting Mods
    - Toggle Sneak/Sprint Mods [BetterSprint 1.8 is NOT allowed]
    - Damage Indicators
    - Better PvP Mod [With Auto-Pot, Macro for auto eat, quick-use and Minimap (with player locations) all disabled]
    - Brightness Mods
    - Replay Mod
    - Schematic/World Download Mods [Printer function is illegal]
    - 5zig mod | LabyMod
    - Liteloader


    Illegal [And punishable] modifications to Minecraft include:
    - Hacked clients of any kind
    - Minimaps that show and track players, mobs or underground structures
    - Autoclickers, double clickers, etc.
    - Inventory Tweaks
    - Raid alert [Or any similar mod that alerts a user if he is being raided]
    - Things like X-Ray texture [This includes cave finder as well]
    - Any sort of modification that gives you unfair advantages over other players
    - Action Macros/Mods [Macros or mods that enhance player abilities against other players and unfairly for yourself. This also includes macros that serve as automatic or faster clicking devices]

    We want to keep your time and experience on EarthLords Network as fun as possible! Please make sure that you always check with a Staff member before using a Modification that may not be allowed.
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    20 Chunk Buffer Limit Rule

    What is a buffer?
    Factions are allowed a maximum of 20 chunks buffering their base. A 20 chunk buffer equates to 160 genned walls. The claim buffer is from the center of the base.

    How many walls are we allowed?
    A 20 chunk limit is 320 blocks in each direction from the base, or 160 genned walls.

    Past the 20 chunk buffer, you must leave 4 chunks unclaimed.

    Does it matter who claims the land?
    No. Regardless of who claims the land, the 20 chunk buffer limit is still in place, whether you own the claims around your base or not.

    Are there any exceptions?
    The only exception to this rule are cannons built outside the 20 chunk claim radius. Those who attempt to raid you are allowed to claim their cannons outside the opposing faction's buffer. However, any abuse made by the buffer owners to create alt factions and exploit this exception will lead to the following below...

    Note: mass-spamming claims around the base is not allowed, you are only allowed claims for the cannon itself and the walls which may surround the cannon.

    What happens if we break this rule?
    If your base has a higher buffer than 20 chunks, the following could happen depending on the situation:
    • You may be asked to unclaim land to leave a 4 chunk space following a 20 chunk buffer.
    • Your land may be unclaimed by an Admin

    F-Top Contest

    If your faction is found in any way to be merging with other factions, or splitting itself into multiple factions towards the end of winning F-Top rewards you may be disqualified. Once a map-end date has been announced, any factions subsequently merging or splitting will be disqualified from the F-Top contest. Play fair. Each faction and collection of players should only be capable of placing a single time per realm. If you want to merge, do it earlier rather than later to ensure total fairness of the contest. Please note that the /f top winnings are PER season and cannot be held for like 5 maps

    Illegal claims

    Circling a factions claims that you are not allied to is illegal for the first 2 weeks of the map. A faction is also not allowed to claim more than 2 corners.

    Mining Spawners During an active raid

    Self explanation, If a cannon is shooting at a base it is illegal to mine any spawners in your base, if they are building the cannon you are allowed to mine.

    Screensharing Policy

    This is something that was greatly implemented into EarthLords Network and as you can see it's screensharing. We basically revamped this thread to keep you and our current/upcoming reviewers up to date on the new Screensharing policy. We'll be going over a variety of different topics and giving you what you need to know.
    What's Screensharing // SS?
    If a staff member on the Reviewer Team suspects that you might be using a hacked client or an illegal modification then they will freeze your Minecraft character allowing you not to move.
    A message will pop up in your chat saying the following:
    (NOTE: We search for Auto Clickers, Clients, Booters, Ip Stressors, Anything Illegal on EarthLords Network)
    Don't panic. You'll be instructed to join the Earthlords Network Discord.

    Rules and Process
    The following will result in a permanent ban (appealable in 60 days):

    • Disconnecting while frozen.
    • Stalling - That involves, joking around constantly, ignoring instructions, or anything to prevent the screenshare from happening. Of course, You'll be warned once only.
    • Refusing to Screenshare - Basically not downloading the given links that the Reviewer provides or not joining the Teamspeak or Discord in 5 minutes. Recording screenshares / refusing to stop the recording.
    • Any traces of injectables found in the past 30 days will result in a ban in exception of Vape. NOTE: all users that were banned for this will not be unbanned.
    • Any illegal or suspicious modifications found being used on EarthLords Network at the time of the screenshare or evidence that the above have been used. (ex.xray)
    • Any Booter/IP stressor found on the user's computer regardless of whether it is used or not will result in a exclusure from the server.
    Other Notes:
    you get into the Discord, you'll be asked to download a screensharing software called "AnyDesk".

    When being screenshared, Reviewers may go through your files, web browser history, recycling bin, etc..

    When being screenshared you MUST NOT record any sort of the screenshare. We will look to see if you're recording and if we do find out that you're running a recording of us, We'll ask you to stop recording and to delete the footage. If you do refuse, a punishment will be placed.

    If we end up finding any illegal modification, hacked Clients, injectable clients, etc.. You will be given a 30 days ban. and will be given a chance to appeal in 7 days after your ban. You MUST not appeal right when you get banned.
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