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    Greetings players!

    Since there has been a silent period since we came around, I'd like to personally make an announcement and explain to you all on what is going to happen in the next few months in this community.

    As you all may know, me and @Sidd have taken over the Earthlords Network about a week ago and inspected the server inside and out. To be honest, the server was and still is in a dire need of fixing bugs and adding tons of suggestions that you, as players, have made months ago that have somehow been put on hold instead of implemented when they should have been.

    We have been working around the clock to bring you a better, more enjoyable playing experience on our servers ever since we came around.

    What has been done in the past week?

    • Moved the server to a new, more reliable host,
    • Website has been moved to a new domain, as well as a new host,
    • Removed over 40 useless or otherwise broken Pex permissions and groups,
    • Discord server renovated, both adding and deleting channels,
    • Staff Roles remade (You may have noticed this),
    • Prices of donator ranks have been lowered,
    • Attended to a fair few high priority bugs,
    • Rules rewritten and remade.

    What still needs to be done?

    • Find and fix still existant bugs (A bit hard to do when you have to work with 83 plugins),
    • Change the name from EarthLordPvP to Earthlords or Earthlords Network,
    • Add suggestions that players have suggested months ago,
    • Add another gamemode for diversity (This will come after everything is fixed and up to date),
    • Update plugins to their latest versions,
    • New hub,
    • New kits and monthly crates,
    • Add winnable ranks/effects/high tier keys into crates with some chance for players to win their ranks.
    What can you expect from the current staff team?

    • Regular events with prizes going from in-game money to donation ranks,
    • Server updates either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the work we have to put in,
    • Holiday special events and discounts on everything currently available in the store,
    • Suggestions that are accepted being implemented way faster than they were until this point,
    • Professional and calm behaviour.
    I'd like to thank everyone that is still sticking with us through this new era, it may be tough now, but we'll pull through it better than ever!

    Anyone that suggests a cool idea via the forums will be awarded a unique medal.

    Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions, please post them below!
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